World Folkfest Rules and Regulations


All participants must be over age 11. Any exception(s) must be in writing from the general director prior to the festival.


All participants shall be housed with volunteering host families. Host families are not paid for their hospitality. There are no other facilities for housing other than with host families.


All groups must arrive on the Sunday the week of the festival. Transportation from Salt Lake City International Airport to Springville and from Springville to the Salt Lake City International Airport, directly before and directly following the festival will be provided by World Folkfest, unless other transportation arrangements have been made with festivals working in conjunction with World Folkfest.

If your group must split up and arrive at Salt Lake International Airport at different times, we request that you try to arrive within two hours of each other.

If you wish to sightsee before or after the festival, we suggest you contact a qualified travel agent. You will be solely responsible for all cost of sightseeing prior to or after arriving at our festival.

Group sightseeing excursions, other than planned by host families during allotted times, must be done before or after the festival dates. Any group who leaves during the set festival time and dates will thus forfeit the entire group from further participation in the festival, all provided lodging, provided transportation and all other contractual agreements with World Folkfest, therein. 


It is understood that groups must be ready to participate at all times in activities and events planned by the World Folkfest. Directors must make sure that all group members are assembled, warmed up and ready when scheduled events begin.

All directors, participants and host families will receive a Daily Schedule of events upon arrival. Daily Schedules may be changed due to last minute requirements. Notice of said changes and updates will be provided by World Folkfest to directors as they occur.


World Folkfest, Committee and/or Board of Directors are not responsible for any thefts or losses including but not limited to, the group transportation and during activities.


All festival participants are required to secure medical insurance that is good in the United States and send proof of insurance to the World Folkfest, International Director before contractual due date found on World Folkfest applications and contracts. Neither the World Folkfest, Committee, Board of Directors nor host families will pay for any medical or hospital costs incurred by participants during the festival. ALL costs must be paid for by the patient at the time medical services are rendered; the patient should then file a claim with his or her own insurance company. 


All dances must be performed to live music using traditional and culturally accurate instruments. All performers, music and dance must wear traditional (and modest) costumes.

8. Applications / CONTRACTS

All Group Applications must be emailed to Groups wishing to appear at the World Folkfest must submit an application to appear the summer BEFORE the yearly date of desired appearance. Applications are accepted between May - September the year prior to festival appearance. Late application may be considered only if there is an opening in the festival(s) and if a travel Visas are not required.

Group Applications must include:
      World Folkfest Official Application
        Group Youtube Link(s)
        Group Facebook Page
        Color Photos
        Brief History of Group
        Brief Description of Dances, Costumes
        and Musical Instruments that will be used.


All promotional material giving full license to World Folkfest to use, must be submitted to International Director for consideration on or before, August the year before the festival.

A more detailed rules and regulations document is available upon request to the International Director.

Above terms and conditions are subject to change.