WORLD FolkFeST 2020

Group Applications

Experience Utah!

Come perform and experience the excitement that is; the World Folkfest in Springville, Utah!
Established in 1986, World Folkfest is proud to have hosted hundreds of groups and thousands of dancers and musicians from all over the world. World Folkfest is honored to bring the world to thousands of Utahans who come each year to watch this annual event.

Utah is a leading and tourist rich state located in Southwest of the U.S., including the famous, "Mighty Five" National Parks and 43 State Parks. You can be assured that you will love the area, the families that host you and the hospitality that is extended when you participate in the World Folkfest!

The festival is held outdoors in a specifically made amphitheater, beautifully nestled near the foothills of the breathtaking, Wasatch Mountains Range.
Accepting Applications for:

July 27 - August 1, 2020


Email applications to:
Arrival: Groups shall arrive in Springville, Utah either from Magic Valley Festival, located in Burley, Idaho or at the Salt Lake International Airport on or before Sunday, July 26, 2020. Group will be met by a Country Chairperson and housed in sets of two's with local host families. Country Chairs will act as group "guides" during the festival week. There are no other housing options available. Group departures will be scheduled on or after August 2, 2019. 

Outdoor Setting – Spring Acres Arts Park

A beautiful outdoor amphitheater constructed specifically for the World Folkfest, with lighting, two side stages for musicians with eight microphones per side, and dressing tents for each participating group provided. 

The Stage

The front of the stage is round. We suggest that you block out the dimensions in your home area to practice before you arrive. Lighted candles, wax or anything else that may damage the stage floor is not allowed.

Stage dimensions: Width 12.2 meters, Length - 16.15 meters.

Audience capacity: about 3,000

Sound: Live music is a requirement by the World Folkfest Board of Directors. All dances must be performed and accompanied by 100% live, traditional music. Musicians must be dressed in authentic costumes and play culturally accurate instruments. Groups must bring their own musicians and musical instruments. World Folkfest will not provide or make arrangements for instruments or other props.

There is a stage mix and an audience mix, so what you hear on the stage may not be what the audience hears. Before you arrive, groups must send a sound rider listing the requirements of the instrument and direction on how you want the sound to be mixed for your performances ( Any group with recorded music will not be allowed to perform at the World Folkfest. )

(activities are subject to change)

Mayor's Reception and Street Dance

A governmental reception will be held at the Springville Museum of Art (subject to change) on Monday 27 July from 6:30 -7:30 p.m., followed by a street dance in the Museum parking lot. During the reception, the director(s) of each group and one representative couple, in costume, will be presented to the mayor, and the first gift exchange.

Rehearsals and Sound Check

All groups will be given a short time to set dances on the stage at the Arts Park on Monday (day subject to change). Sound checks will also be done at this time, so all musicians and musical instruments must be at the festival site. There will be a special rehearsal Tuesday morning to teach groups the opening and closing dances, all musicians and instruments must be present. It is imperative that all participants and directors attend these rehearsals.

Attending groups are expected to be professional and well-rehearsed before they arrive. Rehearsals are strictly restricted to the festivals scheduled time slots for each country.

Group Activities

Attending groups will be asked to provide at least one community service program, such as performing for senior citizens, disabled adults, or teaching a dance class at a local university. Groups are expected to arrive at these warmed up and prepared for immediate performance.

Occasionally, a television station will ask us to arrange for an early-morning performance so viewers can see what our festival has to offer.

Festival Activities

There will be a picnic for all participants and host families in a nearby park. This is scheduled to provide all participants and host families time to get to interact and get to know each other. Costumes are not required but musicians are encouraged to bring their instruments to play for host families and alongside other countries.
One dinner will also be scheduled and held for all participants to gather and interact at the Springville High School cafeteria, prior to the nightly performance. Musicians are encouraged to bring their instruments. After the meal ends, the groups will then walk to the nearby Festival facility. Other activities may be planned by country chair guide or host families. 

Please bring a bathing suit and clothes suitable for hot weather. Some activities may be at the expense of participants and they will have the option of whether to participate or not.

Performances at the Arts Park

Groups should be at the Arts Park by 7 p.m. (one hour prior to performances). Groups should be prepared for a nightly five (5) to eight (8) minute performance (time may vary depending on how many groups attend). There will be groups representing both international and local folk culture. Each group shall perform at every performance, in an order that will change nightly. Because of the large repeat audience, performance material is asked to be different each night and as varied as possible. Performances will be held on the evenings of 28 and 29, 30, 31 of July and 1 of August 2019.


This activity is open to the public and will be held on stage on differing nights after the performance has ended. Each group will have an opportunity to teach a folk dance from their country to the other dancers one of these nights. Musicians provide the music for the dancing/lesson.

Popular music for general dancing will also be provided. This is very fun and is a well-attended event.

Closing Ceremonies

There will be a second gift exchange the final night of performances between World Folkfest and each group. Please bring one gift for this exchange. Your gift will be kept by World Folkfest and displayed in the local government offices.


International food and traditional trade concession area will be set up to allow participating groups to sell souvenir items to the public (absolutely no alcohol is permitted to be sold). If you request to sell items on or before 1 July 2019, a table will be provided for you, free of charge by the festival. You may sell folk art items, folk crafts, music and items that are native to your country. Inexpensive items sell best.
Please contact Mrs. Cheryl Waycasy ( before 1 July 2019 if your group would like to reserve an area to sell items. Please be aware of the differences in CD/DVD formats between America and other parts of the world. You may be required by the State of Utah to collect and pay sales tax. Mrs. Waycasy will assist you with this situation.


All groups must contact the American embassy in their country to determine if they need a tourist visa. Groups will not be paid but will receive housing, meals, and transportation while they are at World Folkfest. Groups are responsible to pay for airfare and visas. 

*Subject to change