Compañia Mexicana de Danza Folklorica


Compañia Mexicana de Danza Folklorica

Founded in 2002, the Compañía Mexicana de Danza Folklórica is a group of 40 artists with the mission to spread the Mexican culture nationally and internationally through music and dance in high-quality artistic shows.

One of the Best!

Its purpose is the creation and presentation of performances with expressive and cultural content that revives the joy, passion, respect and dedication that characterize the feeling of the Mexican people.

The scenic and research work carried out by CMDF has positioned it as one of the most promising young dance companies in the country. Its repertoire represents folkloric traditions from various Mexican states including Guanajuato, Papantla, Nayarit, Jalisco and Yucatan.
Based in Mexico City, CMDF offers two national annual seasons and an annual tour abroad where the group demonstrates the quality of its work in various theaters and other prestigious venues. It has been invited to show its repertoire at international festivals in Cuba, Canada, Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil, among other countries.

Beautiful Dancers

Latin dancing is so fun to watch!

Aztec Heritage

Truly unique Aztec dances paying tribute to their history.

Colorful Outfits

Look at the beautiful colors and patterns that are created by the costumes of Compañia Mexicana de Danza Folklorica.