International and Dutch Folklore

Founded in 1972, Ralda is a very experienced Dutch folklore dance group. They perform all over the world! This is the same Netherlands group we had in 2016! They are amazing and are one of the most established folk dance groups in the world.

Dutch Dances and Costumes

Founded in 1972, Ralda has been bringing international and Dutch folklore to the stage for nearly 50 years. Since its beginning, Ralda has offered the opportunity to dance and make music to children, teenagers and adults. Its members provide performances and workshops at schools, village events, festivals and in homes and businesses. Ralda is based in the city of Raalte, which is located in the Dutch province of Overijssel.
When participating in festivals abroad, Ralda's dancers present a wide variety of Dutch dances and costumes. Ralda's dances are reviewed by the audiences as being cheerful and authentic. Ralda also has a repertoire of foreign dances from countries like Hungary, Armenia, Serbia, Israel and China. Its traditional costumes have been carefully reproduced from original examples. Its dances are accompanied by the Ralda Orchestra.