Song and Dance Ensemble Happy Childhood and Crystal

The "Happy Childhood" and "Crystal" ensembles proudly represent the
The Republic of Tatarstan and their native city of Kazan taking part in Russian
concerts and festivals.

Happy Childhood and Crystal Performeres

The dance group Crystal is located in the city of Kazan, the capital and largest city in Tartarstan, a republic within the Russian Federation. Crystal is well known in that area, and the ensemble is a regular part of the Tatar national holiday "Sabantuy," Kazan city days and celebrations in honor of Victory Day on May 9.
The ensemble proudly represents the Republic of Tatarstan and its native city of Kazan through taking part in Russian concerts and festivals. It has also traveled extensively, earning awards at international festivals and competitions in countries including Turkey, Tunisia, Bulgaria, Greece, Jordan, Germany and Finland.
Crystal is made up of the finest graduates of the folk ensemble Happy Childhood, which was formed by Artistic Director Svetlana Ishkuzina. Happy Childhood is now made up of 30 groups in which 500 people ages 2 to 30 participate. All the teachers are graduates of Happy Childhood and students of Ishkuzina, who has been named an Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation.