Yuan-Yuan Dancing Troupe

Coming all the way from Taiwan, the Yuan-Yuan dancing troupe brings some graceful dancers.  Taiwan's Yuan-yuan dancing troupe brings flowing rib dancing in beautiful tones. You will love the grace of these dancers!

Ribbon Dancing

The Yuan Yuan Dancing Group was organized in 1994 with the aim to cultivate skilled youth dancers and provide a place for them to showcase their talents. This group is one of the dance groups selected by the Zhanghau County Government to represent its area between 2006 and 2011. In addition to performing traditional Chinese and Taiwanese dances, the group tries to include the local folk art of Taiwan and related resources in the creation of its repertoire.
The group has performed internationally in countries such as France, Macao, Portugal, Spain and the USA as well as in various locations in China including Beijing, Xiamen and Yunan. Its recent international performing tours include the International Young Folklore Festival of Bidasoa (Spain) in 2013, the International  Folklore Meeting "Interfolk" and Vistula Folk Festival (Poland) in 2014, the 63rd International Folklore Festival "Cerveny╠ü Kostelec" (Czech Republic) and the 49th MFFZG Zakopane (Poland) in 2017.