TUESDAY July 30 - Saturday August 3

"One World, One stage"

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The Springville World Folkfest has remained one of the largest festivals of folk dance and music in the United States. Providing a unique and amazing experience for over 30 years, the primary goal of the Folkfest is to foster love and understanding among people of all lands and cultures. Every year, the festival offers an amazing opportunity for participants and patrons to come together and to put their differences aside.

When the Folkfest was founded in 1986, the vision the founders was to bring people together through their love for music. The Folkfest was founded upon the idea that music is truly a universal language, and that everyone from any culture, should be able to share their passion for music with the world. We aim to continue the vision of the founders and to continue providing the festival for years to come.

Celebrating cultural diversity through folk dance and music

Hundreds of dancers from all over the world!

Each year 5 - 7 international folk fest dancing groups participate in the Springville folk fest along with several American folk fest dancers. Hundreds of dancers have preformed at the festival and have been able to participate. In the years of operation, individuals from over 45 different countries have come to the Folkfest, a feat that most thought would be impossible. Every year new countries are able to preform and share their love for music.

Aside from the performers, thousands of spectators attend the Folkfest every year as well. Traveling far and wide, people come to celebrate the coming together of a people and put aside their differences for their love of music. Every year, word spreads and the festival does too, having to accommodate for the growing number of people. We are excited to see what's in store for the years to come and are excited for our performance this year in 2019!


"For all shapes and sizes alike"

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